Solo Mode

Solo Mode is DAYSTARTER's default wake-up mode. In Solo Mode, users experience sleep and waking up through Sleep Mode while earning DSP and XP.

Group Mode (To be released later)

DAYSTARTER allows you to create Wake-Up Groups. Groups are divided into public and private groups, where users can share wake-up information in the group and collectively earn DSP and XP.

Wake Up Rally (To be released later)

Wake-Up Rally is an additional optional mode that can be used simultaneously with both Solo and Group Modes. Users can participate in weekly and monthly rallies by paying a participation fee. Users who successfully complete their goals during the rally may receive DST.

Weekly Rally

Weekly Rallies begin every Monday and run until Sunday.

Monthly Rally

Monthly Rallies start on the 1st of each month and run until the last day of the month.

Participation Fee

To participate in a Rally, you must pay a certain participation fee in DST. All collected participation fees are burned.